SIIM Update

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In-person Meeting

Had a great in-person meeting: it was really terrific to see so many interested folks, especially since they scheduled the meeting at 7am!

Main foci of the discussion:

  • Talking about the interaction of the project with other initiatives, especially the IHE, but also the HIMSS/SIIM anatomic location initiative. The OIDM posture is to try to develop a cooperative relationship with such projects.
  • Next meeting (early July) will be about use cases—specifically working out how we want to develop use cases, how we might interact with the ACR DSI's Use Case repository for AI scenarios.
  • It would be helpful for the meeting after that to have a discussion about the roadmap for the project—what are the things to work on, and what order does it make sense to work on them in?

Hackathon Project

  • Project with Dave Rubin, Catie Ladd, Raymond Lin, and Jacob Anderson from Nuance/Microsoft; Ali and Tarik presented the project at the meeting (and at the Hackathon area
  • Enables a web service that takes radiology findings encoded as a FHIR Observation object in JSON with CDE tags and lets users create a template for how such findings can be displayed in prose text.
  • Also had a front-end that let the user load sample Observation JSON and sample templates and edit them to see all the different report outputs that could be created.
  • Project repository is at the Github repo. For many, the most imteresting part might be the sample observations and templates.

Use Case Working Group

  • We're going to spin up a working group to discuss use cases (Prasanth is helping spearhead this to start).
  • Hopefully, first meeting early in July, where we'll discuss how to work together on use cases, how to define them, where to publish them, etc.
  • Use case brainstorming on this white board (read-only link; email me if you want to join the group and join in).