Benchmarking a Vision

Benchmarking a Vision
Framework for representing radiology findings as CDE-labeled Observations. CDE-labeled Observations should be the universal representation for exchanging and consuming content in radiology reports.

Hey, OIDM community!

The manuscript on CDE-labeled FHIR Observations titled "Standardizing imaging findings representation: harnessing Common Data Elements semantics and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources structures" is now available in JAMIA!

Here's what you'll find in the manuscript:

-Overview of the CDE as a data model for radiology findings

-Anatomy of an Observation with example codings tructure

-Detailed description of the CDE-encoded FHIR Observation framework for labeling radiology findings

-Case study applying this framework to pulmonary nodules

-Guidance for using CDE-encoded findings and addressing barriers to adoption

Link to full article:

Ideas for future directions? Let us know what you think!