About the Project

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The Open Imaging Data Model (OIDM) initiative seeks to define common data structures representing the data associated with clinical radiology exams. The model is centered around radiology reports, which describe imaging findings, diagnoses, and recommendations. The goal is to enable the creation of a standard framework for third-party apps relying on these structures to be incorporated incorporated into the tools of the imaging informatics ecosystem—the reporting software, the PACS viewer, the worklist manager, the data exploration system.

The data model is centered on representing individual radiology findings (as CDE-labeled FHIR Observation objects), but the OIDM will also propose standard representations for the entire data context of a radiology reports—the report’s metadata (e.g., patient demographics, referring physician, order information, the performed exams, etc.), the report’s text, prior radiology reports, and information from the electronic medical record (EMR).‌

‌To enable the creation of such apps, standard methods of accessing and manipulating the data structure, the project aims to develop and maintain programming interfaces in multiple languages (at least TypeScript/JavaScript, Python, and C#).

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