SIIM In-Person Meeting

SIIM In-Person Meeting

We're going to meet in-person at SIIM in Washington—we're going to be in Baltimore 1–2 from 7–8a Eastern on Friday, June 28.


  • CDE committee update for the vendor community
    • RadElement and MARVAL sites
    • Review process
  • Update on OIDM progress
    • CDE content enabling chest CT reports → FHIR Observations
    • OIDM TypeScript and Python libraries
    • work

Other SIIM Activities

  • I'll be doing a more detailed presentation focused on some of our progress with CDEs and Observations at the ACR Data Science Summit on Wednesday the 26th.
  • We're working on the Hackathon project, associating CDEs with SNOMED + RadLex + codes, and we'll be working on it right through the meeting! Come find at least Tarik in the Hackathon area and say hello!

Manuscript Accepted

  • The manuscript on CDE-labeled FHIR Observations titled "Standardizing imaging findings representation: harnessing Common Data Elements semantics and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources structures" was accepted for publication in JAMIA! We're finalizing the proofs now—we'll let you know when it's available.