OIDM Data Model/Library Meeting Summary 2024–01–26

Agenda/Notes of the Meeting

  • Introduction of ideas
  • Need to try to connect to standards
    • IHE: IRA profile in FHIR 3.0
    • HL7
  • Idea of using in other areas
    • PACS viewer
    • Workflow manager
    • Outcome tracking
  • Would this be more like a protocol or an actual runtime?
    • Could imagine both—integrated, but also as microservices
  • Standard content + wrapper libraries

Interesting Questions:

  • Event hooks—how would these work?
  • Work on what are the commands—UI things, data context manipulation
  • Representation of the report text during report→final report artifact
  • Making sure both report text and findings are connected to other resources (e.g., DICOM)
  • Representation of AI findings metadata
  • Provenance of Observations—where they come from, who has seen/approved/changed/rejected, etc.

Next Steps

  • Look at real clinical report text
  • See examples of encoding (some of) the findings as CDE-labeled FHIR Observations
  • Sketch out the toolset needed to create/manipulate these objects