2024 New Year Update

2024 New Year Update
Whiteboard for the "Leap Ahead by Leap Day" project to create chest CT CDE content.

Hello OIDM Community! We're excited to bring you some key updates following a busy period leading up to RSNA. Our community has seen remarkable developments, and we’re eager to share them with you.

OIDM Assisted Reporting Framework Enhancements

At RSNA, Nuance showcased advanced capabilities of the OIDM-based assisted reporting framework, incorporating large language models. This includes a new tool for automatically identifying consistent findings in prior reports, such as unchanging elements in chest CT scans. These 'green findings', like parenchymal scarring or calcified granulomas, are automatically included in a radiologist’s default report template. A more detailed post will soon be available on the OIDM website.

AI in Practice Demos

Ali Tejani and other OIDM group members presented AI demos closely linked to OIDM concepts. These innovative demonstrations at RSNA will be summarized in an upcoming post.

Expansion of Common Data Element (CDE) Content

Project goal from the project whiteboard.

We're undertaking a project to expand CDE content for practical applications (see the graphic above). Collaborating with the ACR/RSNA CDE committee, OIDM team, and various vendors, we aim to model a complete chest CT. This includes creating comprehensive CDE sets for chest CT findings by the end of February. If you're interested in participating, we welcome you to join our Slack groups, weekly meetings, and contribute to our GitHub repository.

OIDM Assisted Reporting Development Kit

We plan to collaborate with vendors and the OIDM community to develop an open-standard toolkit for assisted reporting systems, like those demonstrated by Nuance and RadAI (see preliminary work on Github). This initiative will focus on creating plugins applicable across different reporting systems. An initial meeting is being scheduled, and we encourage those interested in enhancing their reporting systems to join.

Doodle Poll for SDK Kickoff meeting

Common Anatomic Locations Index

The OIDM's involvement with the Anatomic Locations Index (anatomiclocations.org) has led to its adoption by the ACR Commons. We are organizing a meeting to introduce these concepts, seek volunteers for further development, and discuss immediate plans. One key goal is to link anatomic locations to exam codes, enhancing the precision of imaging exams.

Doodle Poll for Anatomic Locations intro

Outcome Tracking Applications

A working group is exploring how OIDM can drive outcome tracking applications. We'll soon invite broader community feedback on our initial ideas.

Expansion of OIDM Use Cases

In collaboration with the RSNA Reporting Informatics Committee, we're exploring new OIDM use cases beyond reporting, such as integrations with EHR and PACS viewers. Initial use cases are listed on an open Github repo. An upcoming meeting will focus on expanding these use cases.

Join Us

See the Doodle polls for upcoming meetings on the reporting framework SDK and anatomic locations walkthrough. We encourage you to participate in these initiatives and share your ideas on chest CT CDE content creation and other OIDM applications.